Kimagure Orange Road

Pictures of the main Characters and a summer of them

Kasuga Kyosuke

      Kyosuke is just another average teenager, so it would seem - his family's just moved to town, and he wants to settle in, make some friends, and enjoy a nice, quiet life in this new home. Unfortunately, this is unlikely, because he comes from a family of ESPers! Every time the "family secret" has been revealed, the Kasugas have had to move, but Kyosuke has found a special reason to stay in this town.


Ayukawa Madoka
      While counting steps on a long flight of stairs near his new home, Kyosuke sees, and catches, a red straw hat flying over his head. He hears "Nice catch!", and turns to see to Madoka, whose beauty, charm, and sweetness immediately wins his heart! After a playful argument on how many steps there are (he say 100, she says 99), Kyosuke offers a compromise - 99.5 steps! As Madoka leaves, he says to her she's forgetting her hat, to which she replies, "Keep it! It looks good on you!"


Hiyama Hikaru
         When they first meet, Kyosuke doesn't make a good impression on Hikaru, a cheerful but quick-tempered tomboyish girl, who thinks he's a bit of a wimp. However, when she sees him effortlessly make an impossible basketball shot by using his ESPer "Power" (when he doesn't think anyone's looking), she is amazed, and she immediately decides that he'd make an ideal boyfriend! She then showers her Sempai (also known as "Darling") with gifts, stuffs him with five-stack bentos (box lunches), and demontrates her devotion with the patented "Hikaru flying neck tackle", all of which Kyosuke reluctantly endures.

      Kyosuke is a very indecisive fellow, so his attention tends to swing back and forth between Madoka and Hikaru, but this is only because he doesn't want to hurt one or the other. He truly cares for both of them, but for different reasons - he admires and appreciates Hikaru's earnest and unswaying loyalty to him, but he also realizes he has feelings for Madoka that he knows go beyond just friendship.


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